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Paper Kite Press is pleased to announce Supernova Tadpole Editions, edited by Gary Barwin. What better way to launch a series than by bribing the editor with a title of his own? What others call “cheap” we call “shrewd”. Our combined goal is to make a series of well-made, precisely-written, little lovelies that make big books blush at their own excess.

For payment options, please contact us. All merchandise is shipped via USPS at ground rates. If you wish to use another shipping method, please contact us.

We offer discounts to educators, please inquire if you will be teaching with a Paper Kite Press title.

Review copies in .pdf form are available upon request.

congratulations on being here, by Gabriel Gudding

an excpert from the book:

Celeb.ration “is”.”se
lf.res.traint, is a
t.ten.tiveness, is qu
est.ioning, is medi
tating is a
waiting” is a per.son
’s .body a[t] large, [a] mob.ile collect.ion of molecule. We
congratulate th.is

4"x4", 24 pages, $8 (includes shipping)

heart badly buried by five shovels, by Hugh Thomas

a poem from the book:


The wind navigates the altered sea
straight to the albatross.
The name of the albatross is:
up, down, dance, fall.
Suspended from the sun,
it brushes the salt interface of the eye.
In the organism of sky and water,
the malfunctioning component.
On its great wings aloft,
a liberty which is a theft.
It is a statue of wind.

4"x4", 24 pages, $8 (includes shipping)

anus porcupine eyebrow, by Gary Barwin

A collection so good that rather than tell the author that we were no longer publishing chapbooks, we decided to create in imprint instead and asked the author to head it up.

4"x4", 24 pages, $8 (includes shipping)