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The Commute, by Susan Scutti

“Susan Scutti’s unique voice is unmistakable in this collection. Her poems feel organic, as if they”d been born whole. Poignant, intimate, and evocative, they are grounded in in the everyday world while also being transcendant. Her topics are diverse: including, for example, work (‘Job’), Hiroshima (‘Death is the mother of beauty’), and love (‘Hymn’). She leads us into ourselves: showing how chaotic, contradictory and vulnerable we are while navigating through life experiences. They make us think and feel. They make us feel as if we’d experienced them ourselves.”—Elizabeth Harrington.

64 pages, $17 (includes shipping)

Picasso in Barcelona, by Bob Holman

This is Bob Holman’s fifteenth book, if you count CDs, videos, anthologies and translations, which he does. In it, he takes on Pablo Picasso, and it’s pretty much a draw. But then, it is Picasso at age 15, so somewhat unfair, and of course Pablo doesn’t give us his version of what went on. Still, it smells of poetry, and it rings like truth. The dance mix is guaranteed to get you moving, and the Spanish translation (thanks to Sol Gaitan) will come in handy when you are asking for directions in Barcelona.

96 pages, $19 (includes shipping)

Still, The Mountain by Lola Haskins

From the Author’s note: “Some of the poems in this book were written a long time ago and though nearly all of them have been published, they didn’t fit into earlier manuscripts. They&rsquo're together now because the mountain has made them want to know each other.”

Lola Haskins has published eight previous books of poetry. Among her awards are the Iowa Poetry Prize, The Emily Dickinson Award from PSA, narrative prizes from the New England Review and Southern Poetry Review, two NEA fellowships, and four Florida state artist grants. Visit her at www.lolahaskins.com.

68 pages, $16 (includes shipping)

social studies, by Jim Warner

"When words begin to mumble...they speak secret truths. social studies is not about interior space but anterior space; near front and center yet buried under the surface. A place where Tom Waits and Solomon Burke are soul brothers, but where even those conjoined never connect. But there is a commanding grace here, a voice as loud as a trumpet, but as resonant as an insistent whisper"--Marlon James, author of The Book Of Night Women and John Crow’s Devil

87 pages, $16 (includes shipping)

The Imagined Field, by Sean Patrick Hill

Some poems are cast, some are scattered, some are written, some are crafted, some are teased out and some emerge as if by magic. The poems in Sean Patrick Hill's collection The Imagined Field can best be described as wrought, with all the blisters, callouses, sweat, smoke, and force the word carries with it. If you're looking to feel that thunk in the solar plexus you get when you see a hawk dive, tumble, tussle, and take flight with a field mouse in its claws, this is the book for you.

67 pages, $17 (includes shipping)

poem, home: An Anthology of Ars Poetica

The title says it all (well, almost all, the rest of the story is at the website that houses the full project. Includes poems by: Kelli Russell Agodon, Flor Aguilera, Karren L. Alenier, Sandra Alland, C. J. Allen, Ivan Arguelles, Anny Ballardini, Gary Barwin, Annette Basalyga, Rick Benjamin, John M. Bennett, Maxianne Berger, F .J. Bergmann, Cliff Bernier, Gregory Betts, Celia Bland, Dean Blehert, Helen Boettcher, Peter Boyle, Allen Braden, Therese L. Broderick, Mary Buchinger, Ana Buigues, Mike Burwell, Mairéad Byrne, Nick Carbó, Cathy Carlisi, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, James Cervantes, Joel Chace, Ellen Cole, Ed Coletti, Jennifer Compton, Anne Coray, Alison Croggon, Del Ray Cross, Craig Czury, Yoko Danno, Lucille Lang Day, Denise Duhamel, Patrick Dunagan, Riccardo Duranti, Paul Dutton, Susanne Dyckman, Lynnell Edwards, Dan Featherston, Annie Finch, Thomas Fink, Alan Halsey, Sharon Harris, Lola Haskins, Nellie Hill, Nathan Hoks, Paul Hoover, Mikhail Horowitz, Ray Hsu, Halvard Johnson, Jill Jones, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Bhanu Kapil, W. B. Keckler, Karl Kempton, Kit Kennedy, Tracy Koretsky, Greg Kosmicki, Gary Leising, Amy Lemmon, Lyn Lifshin, Diane Lockward, Rupert Mallin, Dr. Pamela McClure, Dr. D. H. Melhem, Hillary Mellon, Paul Mitchell, Carley Moore, Daniel Thomas Moran, Maggie Morley, Richard Newman, Angela O'Donnell, Shin Yu Pai, Helen Pavlin, Jonathan Penton, Alice Pero, Patrick Phillips, Paul Pines, Kevin Prufer, Chelsea Rathburn, Susan Rich, Cynthia Ris, Kim Roberts, Jay Rogoff, Kate Schapira, Barry Schwabsky, Derek Sheffield, Shoshauna Shy, Sue Stanford, Lucien Suel, Rod Summers, Eileen Tabios, Elaine Terranova, Heather Thomas, David Tipton, Juanita Torrence-Thompson, William Trowbridge, Priscilla Uppal, Katherine Varnes, Jeanne Wagner, Amy Watkins, Scott Watson, Melissa Weinstein, Carol Clark Williams, Jacquie Williams, Ernie Wormwood, Mark Young, and Andrena Zawinski.

Edited by Jennifer Hill and Dan Waber

230 pages, $23 (includes shipping)

Magdeline & the Mermaids, by Elizabeth Kate Switaj

“At the heart of this comprehensive collection lies the Biblical character of Mary Magdalene whose presence is prominent in many of the poems and who haunts those which are, ostensibly, departures from the subject matter that dominates. However, departure and digression are not the hallmarks of this work and each piece of writing represents a different incursion into the topic from angles and perspectives that are startling, original and engaging. By adopting an overarching motif, the author is able to align more personal topics and themes with the main focus, at times appearing to move into territory not evidently covered by the title but always providing the vital connection somewhere in this sequence of compositions.”—Martyn James Colebrook

56 pages, $14 (includes shipping)

Almost Grown, by Jack DeWitt

“There are only a few people working in this utterly unadorned, unsung blue-collar vein, and Jack DeWitt is the master of the genre.”—Stephen Berg, author of X=, The Elegy on Hats, and Oblivion

72 pages, $14 (includes shipping)

circumnavigation, by Tara Shoemaker Holdren

“Tara Shoemaker Holdren writes with an uncompromising pen, giving us the unsettledness of domesticity: the imbalances of woman and man, old and young, hope and realization. Her poems, as the best poems do, contain glimpses of discovery - of our humanity - in language filled with subtle and unexpected turns. Circumnavigation is a fine first book, one that presents and voice that is seasoned and fresh. It is an engaging read.” —A.G. “Jerry” Wemple, MFA, Associate Professor of English, Bloomsburg University

72 pages, $14 (includes shipping)

matter no matter, by Joel Chace

matter no matter offers up a cornucopia of approaches to the poem: it arrives at cohesion through collage, creates a dance of lyric in flowing small word songs, tackles head-on the strange bedfellows of poetry and academia, and operates with a social-reflectiveness reminiscent of the works of Olson and Oppen. Joel Chace has done it all, satisfaction guaranteed!—Lisa Jarnot

94 pages of poetry. $14 (includes shipping)

chains, by derek beaulieu

With chains, derek beaulieu once again turns his attention to how “language regards itself, stalks itself, begins, slowly, to eat itself” (Canadian Literature) in a series of graceful abstractions made entirely from antiquated dry-transfer lettering. In chains, letters gather in elegant arrangements, architectural constructions and sinews of meaning.

92 pages of visual poetry. EDITION CLOSED

Silent Type, by Barbara DeCesare

“Barbara DeCesare is one of the most exciting and original poetic voices in the Mid-Atlantic region. I’d follow her voice anywhere.”
—Richard Peabody, Editor
Gargoyle Magazine

“Here, from first verse to last, is a poetry of the heart. But don’t expect the pleading, defensive heart of confessional verse or the nostalgic, self-involved heart of romance. The heart in Silent Type is a stubborn, insistent, relentlessly defiant interlocutor, a ‘bastard of a thing’ to be wrested from the self and wrestled into form. And what living, breathing, bleeding, unforgettable forms DeCesare repeatedly achieves. This is a book to be lived with and wrestled with and cherished.”
—David Shirley
Devil’s Coach Horse (Old Blue Books)

“I have come to only read Pablo Neruda and Barbara DeCesare. Since Pablo Neruda is no longer publishing, the appearance of Silent Type is, for me, an unimaginable, unutterable joy.”
—Leonard Gontarek
Author of Deja Vous Diner (Autumn House Press)

84 pages of poetry you wish you wrote. $18 (includes shipping)

Too Bad It’s Poetry, by Jim Warner

"The amazing poem "east/west" is a must read. Warner successfully weaves--or more aptly fuses--references to music, spirituality, psychology, pop culture and literature as he explores themes of exile and identity. In these electric poems we journey with him as he both searches for and invents a new home--this one made of language."- Toi Derricotte

A 45-sized collection of poetry, $16 (includes shipping)

Out of Character by Geof Huth, May 2007

“Who says letters and words are flat, arbitrary signs? In Geof Huth's Out of Character, they are animate, vibrant, interactive, intra/inter/connecting us and eye.”—Crag Hill

A pocket-sized collection of visual poems from Geof Huth. 4"x4". Perfect bound. $9.00 (includes shipping)

Half Moon Over Midnight by Mala Hoffman, December 2006

A chapbook-length collection of poems that sweep away the dust of everyday life to reveal the lustre hiding beneath. 4.25" x 11", Saddle-stitched. $10.00 (includes shipping)

American Know-How: Patent Pending by Craig Czury, illustrated by Dino Patane, September 2006

48 pages of poetry and artwork, perfect bound, glossy cover, 9x4 oblong. $12.00 (includes shipping)

My Dance is Mathematics by JoAnne Growney, April 2006, EDITION CLOSED

A chapbook-length collection of poems that dance in and around mathematical ideas and formulae. Japanese stab bound. The last copies of this book may still be available from the author. Order Here

Zoo Haiku by Michael Czarnecki, May 2004, $12.00 (includes shipping)

A whimsical and entertaining collection of haiku written about animals observed at a Minnesota Zoo. Illustrations by calligrapher Debra Dick.

Spinning with the Tornado by Andrea Jade Talarico, November 2003

“Andrea Jade Talarico’s first collection, Spinning with the Tornado, does exactly as its opening poem promises — to break out of the uncomfortable, to back down from the unknown.”—Jennifer Judge Yonkoski, King’s College

Nightcrown by Jennifer Hill-Kaucher; photography by Michael Downend, August 2003, EDITION CLOSED

A crown of sonnets in hand-bound lotus book form. Limited edition of 100.

Part of a Geography: Gilbert Street, by John E. McGuigan, February 2003, $12.00 (includes shipping)

John E. McGuigan’s second collection of poetry, Part of a Geography, is a 40 page perfect bound book containing poetry about his childhood home, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

“Jack’s sure hand with language, his clear eye, his heart show through in these fine poems—evocations of a life we all should slow enough to savor. From ironing to fruitcake, the world he so lovingly provides draws us in.”—Karen Blomain, author of A Trick of Light

John E. McGuigan is a retired secondary school teacher with thirty-four years experience teaching creative writing and television production in New York and Pennsylvania. His first collection of poetry, A Wonderment of Seasons was published in 1969.