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Suggestions for Writers Just Starting Out, by Dan Waber

Suggestions for Writers Just Starting Out, by Dan Waber

I am so often asked if I have any suggestions for writers just starting out that I put together a 12-page chapbook that compiles all the things I wish someone had told me when I was just getting started. It didn’t seem right to charge for something like that, so, I make it available for the asking.

Free, if shipping to a US destination. For addresses outside the US, postage is appreciated.

To request a copy, please email

How to Write Your Life, by Dan Waber

How to Write Your Life, by Dan Waber

The cure for writer’s block and/or the world’s best method for writing memoir. An 8-page one-cut folded ’zine that is guaranteed to get you writing. The price makes it the deal of the century. Feel free to tithe me a percentage of the income from the sales of your writings after this method uncorks your words.

$3 (includes shipping to any US destination)

unbound, by Dan Waber

unbound, by Dan Waber

Alice meets Finnegan for a Naked Lunch, as told to a young Bob Dylan with choreography by E. E. Cummings. Or something like that.

You’ve got to see it to believe it, and most of it is free for the gawking. But be warned, I saved the best for last.

Huge free sample and details on how to order the rest:

things I know about you, by Dan Waber

things I know about you, from Dan Waber and

Wikipedia will tell you that “The Forer effect is the observation that individuals will give high accuracy ratings to descriptions of their personality that supposedly are tailored specifically for them, but are in fact vague and general enough to apply to a wide range of people.” Of course, this effect only manifests itself in other people, not you.

This collection is a clear box filled with 160 individually folded things I know about you. By extension, it is also things you know about me. And things we all know about each other. A careful blend of proven classics and original examples of Barnum Statements, Rainbow Ruses, Self-Serving Bias, Generalities, and Fluffy Flattery. A box full of delights that only the most self-aware minds will appreciate.

$10 (includes shipping to any US destination)

sestinas, by Dan Waber

sestinas, by Dan Waber

I wrote more sestinas than there are particles in the known universe. I rounded off as numerically insignificant a number larger than all of Raymond Queneau’s sonnets. I made a song about just-missing and missing and the tone that resonates through a passion on a decaying orbit. You cannot possibly imagine the number of poems I have written. But you can buy them one at a time if you like. I love my wife so much I wrote her 910,251,623,407,960,787,539,543,324,904,089,233,758,905,973,536,329, 779,381,000,049,443,843,029,464,779,513,168,359,606,194,209,951,426, 108,247,244,800,000,000,000,000,000 poems. Your move, everyone else.

Please visit to order.

Any quantity, from 1 to 9.103 x 10131 are only 10¢ each (includes shipping).

Man Poems, by Dan Waber

Man Poems, by Dan Waber

A book of poetry even a man can enjoy — without more effort than it would take to belch. Thirty-two poems that are each two one-syllable words long that capture the way men really think. We don’t think in subjunctive clauses or extended parenthetical digressions. We think food good, and pain bad — and there you have the first two poems in this collection. Sure to please men and women alike! At last a book of poetry everyone will connect with and want to own.

Buy directly from the author, below, or visit

80 pages, perfect bound. $12.49 (includes shipping)

double acrostics, by Dan Waber

double acrostics, by Dan Waber

Oh sure, anybody can write an acrostic, who didn’t in school? But who among you can write a double acrostic, I ask? To write a proper double acrostic, you need to use a fixed pitch font (you know, like a typewriter) and make every line contain the same number of characters and/or spaces. Then you have a down-readable right edge in addition to the down-readable left edge. Sounds simple, huh? Maybe even “clever”. Give it a shot, go down in flames, and then buy this book. You’ll read ’em and weep.

Please support the publisher by purchasing directly from Furniture Press Books. Contact Christopher Casamassima for ordering details.

Or buy directly from the author, below.

20 pages, hand stitched. $10 (includes shipping)

this is visual poetry, by Dan Waber

this is visual poetry, by Dan Waber

A little of this, a little of that, some altered pages, some screen captures of digital work, some never-before-seen potato prints, some rubbings, some collage work.

Please support the publisher by purchasing directly from the this is visual poetry website.

Or purchase directly from the author below.

16 full-color pages. $12 (includes shipping)

echolalia, by Dan Waber

echolalia, by Dan Waber

Every poem in this collection contains an “echo” made by reading the last word of each line, in a downward fashion. With one exception, every echo was written or spoken by poet (and love of my life) Jennifer Hill. Some come from poems or fictions she has written, but many come from places as mundane as jotted notes and SMS text messages.

Please support the publisher by purchasing directly from FootHills Publishing.

Or purchase from the author, below.

72 page hand-sewn book with spine, $17 (includes shipping)

first adventures of col & sem, by Dan Waber

first adventures of col & sem, by Dan Waber

Lyric narrative punctuation poetry, what else can be said? Well, here's what others are saying:

<[brick]> it’s sort of a love story between the colon and the semicolon
<devin> ahh, those two have had a thing going for centuries
<[brick]> she’s totally hot in palatino linotype
<devin> oh i know

“i like the way this is simple but symbolically charged. romantic but
smart. concrete but abstract.”—Jim Andrews

“Brill!”—Mairéad Byrne

“Loved it. [...] so romantic!”—K.S. Ernst

“Love poems like no one has ever seen.”—Michael Harold

“...bits of punctuation set free to mean, to make, to be.”—Geof Huth

“o this is way beyond punctuation poetry.”—Karl Kempton

“It’s cheeky.”—Chris Mansell

“...a display of what can only be called heorically wordless subminimality
in the sense of utter alphabetical absence...”—Irving Weiss.

60 page perfect-bound book, $10 (includes shipping)

Atopia Journal: urg/üleistu

Atopia Journal: urg/üleistu, with contributions by a bunch of folks including Dan Waber

This issue of Atopia Journal presents diverse models of negotiations, communications, and resolutions, which occur within different spheres. These spheres can be divided into two categories: a chasm surrounded by disparity, or an overlay forged from commonality.

Each contributor in this publication examines the gaps and overlaps critical to a subject. Through artistic, scientific, political, and cultural work, they relate the spectrum of negotiation to the human experience. urg/üleistu is a literal translation into Mänti—a language developed by mathematic and linguistic savant Daniel Tammet—of the English phrase “gap/overlap.”

Please support the publisher by purchasing directly from Atopia Projects.

Or, if you prefer, buy directly from the author below.

96 color pages. Softcover, smythe sewn, 235x174mm, gate-folded pages throughout. $10 (includes shipping)

cheer, by Dan Waber

cheer, by Dan Waber

Minimalist concrete poetry. Each poem is one word, presented in a typographical trope that wrings all the juicy word-squeezin's out.

Order from the publisher here:

Or purchase directly from the author below.

28 page, saddle-stitched. $5 (includes shipping)

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rain writes, and, I love a flower
both from kite tail press

Two broadsides, one slick and digital, and one defiantly analog. If I showed you a picture, you'd think you'd seen them, so, take a chance!

11" x 17", both for only $10.00 (includes shipping).


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